Friday, August 15, 2008

Last Day In MB

The weather here today is drizzley, wet and cold. Not the best for packing up the house and loading the car, but at least it is not pouring!

Brad is doing his hypothermia treatment right now and as soon as he is finished we are going to the Gasthaus for lunch, then on to the house to finish loading up the car.

No fever today...Brad took 2 injections of Coley's but he never got over 37 Celcius. We decided today that he wouldn't take any more injections after 12:00...I know that he is ready to go and would not welcome the idea of getting fever late into the afternoon. Once we are is on to Isolde's for the weekend.

I have to share a funny story. Brad has been receiving a new daily injection that is supposed to help with inflamation. After receiving the injection 2 times over the last two days he was complaiming about how much the injection 'burns' while being given and long after the needle comes out. Dr. Thaller was giving Brad a hard time about being a coward and continued with a lecture about how 'healing is hard work.' Just a few moments ago Christine was giving me instructions on how to continue some of the treatments at home. Then she rememebered to tell me a change that they were making for the new injection. She said that after Brad's complaints, they gave another patient some of the same medication and she complained about how much it hurt. Finally Dr. Thaller said, give it to me in the stomach so that I can see what they are complaining about. Christine stuck in the injection and she said he yelled out, 'ow, that really burns!' Of course Brad reveled in that story..loving every minute! I am always impressed about how Dr. Thaller is so willing to try everything on himself that he is doing with his patients. Just before he came, he had given himself a difficult round of fever therapy (over 104) and said 'it was tough work!' He really is an amazing doctor!

We will let everyone know when we make it home to Houston! Thanks again for the prayers!


Anonymous said...

Blessings to you both on the journey home. You have been in our constant prayers for God's marvelous healing powers to be at work full force on this journey.
kim e

Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

Dr Thaller... does sound amazing... a true Gift from God... safe travels.