Sunday, August 10, 2008

Funny Stories from Markt Berolzheim

Here are a few of the funnier moments from Markt Berolzheim.

1. The other day we were sitting outside in the backyard, enjoying the cool weather. I had brought a few items from the bakery to snack on. As Bryan tasted his third bakery treat, he suddenly yells out, 'I LOVE MARKT BEROLZHEIM!!' I think Bryan really has a passion for bakery items.

2. We have a ghost that lives with us at the top floor of the Pappenfuss house. Funny that my parents stayed on the top floor last time and didn't even mention him. We know that he is an old man ghost so we named him 'Elmer.' The certainty of his age comes from the fact that Elmer most frequently goes in and out of the bathroom, more than any other room. We will be playing cards in the main room and we'll hear the floor squeak in the kitchen, so we'll know that Elmer needed a snack. Or, at night we'll hear him move in and out of the bathroom....this house makes lots of noise, so we hear him a lot.

3. Yesterday, my friend Christine came by for a visit (she is the daughter-in-law of Mrs. Pappenfuss). Christine is a very animated woman who loves good conversation and a good company (which I'm sure is the reason she is attracted to our group!) She spent the better part of 30 minutes entertaining us with stories before we decided to leave for dinner. Before she left, she decided to give us parting kisses on the cheek. She started with me, then moved to Brad. As Brad worked to stand up to embrace her...he went to move his head to the side and she nearly planted one right on his mouth! It was hysterical! Right in front of his wife..can you believe it? Bryan, once realizing he was next, quickly jumped to his feet and so there would be no mistakes, crained his next as far to one side as possible...she almost had to kiss the back of his head! I laughed about that interaction for was SO funny. These boys...they are a trip!

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