Saturday, January 17, 2009

Thursday night's sleep was rough, but last night's sleep was an improvement. Brad woke up frequently but didn't stay awake long. He has been pretty up and down with the way he has felt over the last couple of days. He had an ok day yesterday, but then we had quite a scare in the afternoon because he just couldn't seem to catch his breath. Fortunately after several minutes Brad was able to calm his lungs down and get past it.

We went to bed pretty early and things seemed to calm down some after that. So far, today has been better. I think we are just going to take it easy and see if a calm day helps.


Renee said...

For nights of restful sleep....we pray to the Lord.

For days of easy breathing and energy renewed.....we pray for the Lord.

For all those who provide prayers, love and support for this wonderful family.....we gives thanks to the Lord.

For the love of siblings.....we gives thanks to the Lord.

For faith and abiding love.....we pray to the Lord.

Praying without waiver.

Nellie said...

Praying for a calm, peaceful day with easy breathing.

Joelle Yates said...

Hoping and praying that this weekend goes smoothly, with easy breathing and lots of rest! Praying for you all day, every day.

Me said...

Praying for rest and peace. Your family is amazing. A testament to strength.

amber dayton said...

Praying that tonight is peaceful - no coughing at all please God! We hope your Lord's Day was a blessing today. We love you guys.

Anonymous said...

Dear God,

Please heal Brad's body, give him a peaceful sleep, with no coughing. Please watch over his family and give them the strength they need to help Brad through this sickness. Please heal his body.

AlisonB said...

Continuing to hope and pray for restful sleep, easy breathing and complete healing. You're in my thoughts.