Friday, January 2, 2009

Beaver College

Denise Perkins found a picture from 1996, with the guys performing Beaver College for the skit show on their mission trip to Asia (AFCO 96'). Brad is the cool guy, Mike P. is on top as the nerd, I can't tell who Stephen and some of the other guys are supposed to be....maybe they can remember and tell us in the commentary :)


Jason said...

Man, I remember Beaver College! I never saw AFC's rendition, but the versions produced at GCCYC were classic! I just wish I could remember enough of it to reproduce it.

da momma said...

soo funny!! Brad was bottom center on that one and you were top center is the one yall did. Yall are so cute

Stephen said...

I'm pretty sure I was Lead Head Ned. I remember falling over on that stage in Cebu.

Darin said...

yes, stephen, you were either Lead-head Fred or Ned or Pete with Sideways Feet. Didn't we stay together that trip?

Bottom left is Todd Stack, Bottom right is Jonathan Bean and next to stephen is John Heffington.

I'm looking for a picture of the Ski trip to Ski Cooper in '94 when the pass was closed and we all got out and tap danced in the snow in the middle of the road. Good times.

Stephen said...

We did stay together with the Sheltons. Very interesting week if I recall. Sideways Feet Pete was a classic as well. There is just something funny about falling on stage. I guess that is why the Fall Guy skit was so funny - at least to us, maybe not the general audience.

Anonymous said...

Brad and Jenny -
I don't even know the two of you. But I feel like I do after reading your blog for several months now. How encouraging and wonderful that you can praise God and lean on Him during your most difficult times. I pray that God will continue to give you strength and courage to continue to fight. You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

Cassandra (and Chad) Massie
New Braunfels

Anonymous said...

Brad and I were in the AFC together!! Oh the good times!! I LOVED beaver college!! I need to pull out my AFC pictures and see which ones I have of Brad.

I am so happy to hear that Brad is having better days. You and your family are constantly in my prayers.

Your faith is so uplifting!! May God continue to be with you!!

Regina Sugg

Kranuan Team said...

Too funny!! We still do Beaver College in the AFC! I love that skit.

Amanda Shoemaker