Friday, January 2, 2009

Country music singer, Dub Miller came to our house today to sing to Brad (thanks to our friend Scott Kramer). Dub sang some songs about Aggieland, including the fight song and quite a few other songs. We were so moved by his gesture to take time out of his day to give us our own personal concert.

Brad had a good day today. He slept very well last night (thank you God for the consistant, good rest), coughed a little less, and used the nasal canular most of the day (relying less on the oxygen mask which uses a higher oxygen flow). We are so encouraged by Brad's gradual improvements.
The daily support of all our family this past week has been incredible. The time that we have spent together is absolutely priceless. I doubt there has ever been another time in Brad's life that he has been able to spend so many uninterrupted days together with his entire family. It has been a precious gift.

Tonight in prayer Brad & I thanked God for the time that He has given to us. We both feel so blessed for these past several days....days that were not promised to us, but given to us anyway. We have been spending several times a day in meditation, visualizing God's hand laying on Brad and healing his body completely...visualizing the distruction of all his tumors. Our family has been so supportive to join us in these "hands on" meditation sessions. The meditations have given Brad hope, encouragement, peace, and a strong feeling of security in a time of uncertainty. I am so grateful for these sessions. I, myself, often start out feeling desperate & anxious, then leave the sessions calm & peaceful. Brad has been reading a book titled, "Remarkable Recoveries." He found that meditation was one tool that most of the patients shared. Brad & I have been meditating for several weeks together....but it feels even more powerful with the additional family praying/meditating with us.

After all of the focused prayers of so many people, I feel certain that God is going to heal Brad. I have never felt more certain of that than I do at this very moment. It is undeniable that the Lord's presence surrounds our family and is carrying us through this trial.

This is a great shot of Krista and Brad.


Nellie's Nuggets said...

Wonderful pictures and memories to be shared for a long time. Thanks for sharing with all of us. Thanks, too, for sharing about the meaningful times of meditation and prayer. It is amazing how we can find that place of calm and peace when we can just be still and feel the Lord's presence. I have learned to enjoy and practice times of silence during the last few years. It so often in the silence that we hear His voice and feel his touch. I will be joining you in visualizing God's hand gently and lovingly passing over Brad's body as He destroys the cancer and gives life to healthy lungs.
Your thankfulness for days not promised is so precious! Love to all of you.

Jennifer G said...

Dear Lord,
Thank you so very much for making yourself felt and known that You are there with Brad and his family. Thank you so very much for providing Brad with consistant rest and easier breathing. Thank you for the calmness and peace to each of them. Please continue to work on every cell in Brad's body and make it like new again so he can continue your work here on Earth. I'm quite sure that Brad's spirit is one you are proud of, but he seems to have so many remarkable ways he can help you on Earth. Please continue to heal his broken body; take away the cancer and replace it with pure healthiness. I ask again for you to continue to be right beside the Wims and hold Brad securely in your hands as you heal him. Please continue to bring all of them Peace and calmness so it will be easier to heal him. Thank you for each day that you give them and thank you for each day you give each of us. - Amen

Renee said...

Dear Lord,
We give thanks for nights of rest and the gift of days filled with precious moments and memories. Continue O God of heavenly powers, by the might of your command drive away from Brad's body all sickness and all infirmity.

Be present in your goodness with your servant Brad, that his
weakness may be banished and his strength restored; and that,his health being renewed, he may bless your holy Name; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Praying without waiver.

Hope said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm so glad meditating is helping, I've also heard great things about it. Many thoughts and prayers today for your wonderful family.

Ryon and Rachel said...

Thank you God for hearing our cries and answering our prayers and covering us (the Wims family especially) with your love and peace. We continue to lift Brad and family up to you, Father, and ask you to continue moving in their lives. Lord, please continue the healing process for Brad. We praise your name for you love, faithfulness, power, grace, and mercy. Amen

da momma said...

I LOVE the visualizing of healing. just reading your words I was There with yall and I can see the tumors crumble to nothing. God has to smile when he looks down and sees such faithful believers. He smiles when he knows yall are so strong. He never gives us what we cant handle, even though that seems hard to believe. May Angels surround yall and have their hands all over your whole family!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the fight Brad! I know the Lord is working through you. The peace and calmness that you and Jenny share at this time is amazing and only possible through God. We'll continue our constant prayers for you guys. We love you.

Randy and Cindy

Anonymous said...

Dear God,

Thank you for the encouragement and strength you have given Brad and his family and friends. Please heal Brad's body.