Thursday, January 8, 2009

Brad has continued to stay on the same course the last few days. He generally feels better in the morning and then begins to tire in the afternoon. Today he had another big coughing spell at about went off and on for about 4 or 5 hours. He just gets so tired of coughing...poor guy.

We have continued our meditation/prayer sessions several times a day. Yesterday afternoon we prayed over Brad in our bedroom. As I was sitting there, listening to the prayers of those around me I began to think of how happy I am that my children have been able to witness the faithfulness of our friends and family as they continually shower us in prayer. I was reflecting on what an important part of their life, this particular experience has been. Remarkably, just as I was thinking that thought, I heard "Momma, Momma" I opened my eyes to see Zeke seated on a chair next to our bed. He then said, "I want to go next." As Meme finished her prayer, Zeke chimed in to pray for all those who are sick and for God to help his Daddy' knee to feel better. It was such a sweet moment...I was so proud of Zeke for sitting there quietly listening to the prayers of everyone in the room and then for deciding to join in with his own special prayer.

I wanted to be sure to include two pictures that I took yesterday. One is of a spectacular sunset that we had at was gorgeous. The second picture is of David, Jerry & Margie Turner, Gloria & Von Burba and Sandra. These two sweet couples drove down from Granbury to meet with Sandra and David for dinner. It meant so much to our family that they took time out of their schedule to make the trip to Houston. They also participated in two prayer sessions, praying over Brad for God's complete healing. The prayers of these two couples were so special, meaningful and uplifting. We were so blessed to spend time with them and to have their encouragement.


da momma said...

WOW! We have been seeing some amazing ones here too...but that color is heavenly! Thank you for the update... and Zeke you have my heart little boy! Brad, your whole family is going through so much right now, and you are being so strong and courageous. I hate that you are feeling pain but God has his hand on you and holds your whole family on His lap. He hears our prayers, from all over the world and Thank you Jesus for answering them! Thank you for the rest and days of relief that you have given Brad this past week. You are a mighty God and we continue to plea at your feet! Zeke, you are such an angel! whit

Nellie said...

What a blessing Zeke is, and what a wonderful way for him to see and practice faith in action. I'll be praying for the coughing to lessen and the breathing to be easier.

Wasn't that sunset awesome?! Some of the clouds were so pink they looked like cotton candy, and other had almost a lilac tint to them. Beautiful!

JeanCates said...

Dear Ones,
God doesn't always allow us to observe what He is doing. Sometimes He waits for us to get out of the way. But with Brad and Jennie this much we know --HE is touching people mightily through them. In all the states[you said Sandra] people are praying for Brad. I can personally guarante California and Arkansas where Regina and Rachel live. And also the pray Sister T. had placed in a crevice of the Western Wall in Jerusalem. God is orchestrating events reaching into many lives revealing His character and power and love through your wonderful friends and family and people you don't even know. Surely it pleases the heart of God to see so many draw nearer to Him .
"The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases. His mercies never come to an end. They are new every morning. Great is thy faithfullness. 'The Lord is my portion' says my soul; therefore if will hope in Him"
Lam. 3:22-24
Love you all,
Aunt Jean

Lisa said...

You guys are setting such an everlasting and eternally impacting example for your kids. We are faithfully praying for all 4 of you.

amber dayton said...

That Zeke - what a sweetie. I'm sure that they will remember this time of faith forever. We will be praying for relief from the coughing - I'm sure that is miserable. Beautiful sunset - God is saying how much He loves you guys!

Rebecca Jo said...

AAHH - the prayers of little ones... how sweet that must be to our Heavenly Father!

Anonymous said...

This weekend I have a group of AFC coming to do a weekend trip with us here at Tamarack Road. We will be lifting up Brad and your family. Blessings!