Monday, January 19, 2009

New Treatment

On Saturday Brad started a new alternative treatment that uses organic foods, organic food supplements, cellular detoxification, vitamins, New Zealand glandulars, enzymes, herbs, & vitamins to support his immune system and weaken the cancer cells. The program includes A LOT of supplements that are taken every 2 hours through the daytime (and even one dose at 3am).

Mom & Dad spent 3 hours on Saturday helping us sort and organize all the pills. There really are lots...Brad ends up taking about 75 pills each day along with a few other liquid and powder supplements.

Here is a picture of the monthly supply on our kitchen table. Kaelyn was also lending a hand to "help." :)


da momma said...

wow! I cant believe there are so many pills. So sorry about the tummy bug! Thats not fair!! Praying every day guys! Keep Pressing On!!

Nellie said...

Oh, my! Surely all of that will bring about improvement. I thank God that he has given someone the gift to even put together such a regimen that will hopefully help. Perhaps the stomach issues are related to all the "new" thingsbeing ingested. :) At any rate, I'm praying for successful treatment and better rest.

Anonymous said...

Brad and Jenny,

I have prayed many prayers about this. I will continue to pray that it works!!!!! Are the supplements including glyconutrients? Is there anything I can do to help? I thank God that there is hope in the natural wonders he has made for us. I will cont to pray for easily breathing, good sleep, peace for the entire family, and healing through God's natural gifts.

- Jennifer G