Saturday, January 17, 2009

Painting Projects

Pat, Scott and Troy came over this morning to work on painting the playhouse in the backyard. For quite some time we have been meaning to coat the wood with a selant and we never got around to it. The guys offered to take on this project, so right now they are on the structure, painting away. Zeke was thrilled that his house was being worked on. THANK YOU Pat, Scott and Troy for painting our playhouse! We REALLY appreciate it!

Zeke really wanted to lend a hand in the playhouse painting, but because I felt certain he would be a little more "help" than they needed...we diverted his attention to crayola paint on paper. Then, of course, Kaelyn decided to help Zeke with his creations. There sure is a lot of painting going on around here!


Lisa Hanna said...

You got a ponytail!!!

Anonymous said...

You have such precious children!!!! And the ponytail is adorable!