Saturday, March 15, 2008


Zeke was extra-insightful today so I decided to write a few Zeke-isms to share with you.

1. First thing this morning Zeke asked his Daddy, "God doesn't like the Longhorns, does he?" (Brad told me that he is still struggling to think of an appropriate response for this question)
This question was quickly followed by, "Are God & Santa together Daddy?"

2. Zeke made a recent observation that Kendall, Krista, Kaelyn, & Callie all start with the "ka" sound. He told me that because they have the "ka" sound, then they all start with the letter "K." He then told me about an earlier conversation that he had with his Daddy who was "arguing" with him about Callie's first letter. When I tried to explain that the letter "C" & the letter "K" can both make the "ka" sound he said, "no Mommy...the "C" starts like "s-s-s-C." I told him that he would just need to call Mimi (former 2nd grade teacher) and ask her why Callie's name doesn't start with a "K." His questions were beginning to stump me.

3. I overheard a conversation Zeke was having with Brad this afternoon. While I was making lunch in the kitchen I heard Zeke telling his Daddy all the reasons he loved him. It was so sweet.
"Daddy, you are the very best daddy."
"I love it when you take me to places to eat."
"I love when you read stories to me."
"I love when we make a snuggle sandwich and I am the cheese & you & Momma are the bread."
"I love it when we fight and I woop you."
"I love you very much and you are a really good daddy."

Ok, so I cried a little after hearing those expressive is just such a sweet little boy. I love him to pieces.


january embers said...

As someone who grew up in a burnt orange household but later attended A&M, I have an idea for the answer to Zeke's question:

"God loves Longhorns just as he loves all His creation. He just likes Aggies a little better."


Jennifer (Hobbins) Hylemon

Justin & Suzanne said...

Zeke-ism number 1 was absolutely hilarious! Justin and I laughed so hard!!

tamandscott said...

Scott says to say that God does love longhorns. He thinks they're great on half pound burgers.

I LOVE the conversation with Zeke and his daddy, and I was just telling Scott how much I liked Brad's goatee. Bryce actually turned orange when he was a baby b/c of all the carrots I fed him. The green stuff grossed me out!

It was great to see y'all today!