Tuesday, March 4, 2008

She's Standing!

We caught Kaelyn standing outside on Sunday evening. When she gets distracted, she will somtimes stand without holding onto something. As soon as she realizes what she is doing....she immediately sits down. She is so silly!

Ok, so I am a really slow learner. As soon as I finished filming Kaelyn....I thought, "Duh...I turned the camera the wrong direction....again!" Oh well, you'll have to just look silly while you twist your neck to watch this clip.


da momma said...

I love the excitement in Zeke's voice! Such a good big bro!

Erin said...

too cute! good to hear your voice. :) and zeke's amazement!
love y'all, erin shiver

Bri said...

That's cute that zeke was so excited about her standing and that he couldn't believe it.