Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Kaelyn's Car

Kaelyn is obsessed with a plastic push-car that we use to stroll her around the house in. If she is upset for any reason, you can get her to almost immediately stop by placing her in it and letting her "go for a ride." She is a pro at coercing her Gwanddad to push her around the house for hours.
Today Zeke talked me into pushing him in the car. She chased us around the house for a few minutes and once she caught up to us...she stood up, and picked her foot up to "tell" her brother she wanted to ride with him. This really isn't a 2-seater, but somehow they made it work.
Aren't they precious?

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Lisa said...

Love these sweet pictures. It's nice to have a "cure-all" for when you need it most.