Monday, March 17, 2008

Birthday Trip to the Spa

My Aunt Vickie & Uncle Gene surprised Brad & I with a 30th Birthday Celebration trip to the spa. We are at the Houstonian for a few days where we are spending time relaxing and having a few pampering treatments at the spa. Today we had an aeromatherapy couple's massage, following by time in the relaxation room (sipping on hot tea, juice & snacking on fresh fruit), then a dip in the whirlpool. It was absolutely delightful. After time at the spa, we went to our room to rest and order room service for dinner. We are basking in the quiet and we are giving notion to the idea of never leaving our room. If Brad didn't have Rockets tickets for tomorrow night, we probably wouldn't leave.
Thanks Vick & Gene.....we are having an amazing time!


tamandscott said...

Do they have a Gap nearby? ;)

Rebecca said...

What an awesome treat! And what a great Aunt and Uncle for thinking of you like that for your birthday.

sarahdawn said...

Fabulous! Easy and I spent time there for our 5th anniversary. Itwas amazing. Enjoy!