Sunday, March 16, 2008

Trip to Kemah

A little over a week ago we went to Kemah for a day trip with Sandra, David, & the kids. We stopped for lunch at Landry's, walked around the boardwalk, and then watched Zeke run through the water sprinklers. Kaelyn kept trying to crawl over to Zeke to share in the water fun (I wouldn't let her.....I know, mean mom....I just knew that she would stick her mouth over the spout and suck up that disgusting, bacteria-filled water.)
Also, I have to laugh about Brad's goatee. It has always shown a rainbow of color pigments (a little blonde, a little brunette, a little red) but for some reason recently it has been bright red! I keep kidding him that it is a result of all the raw carrots and sweet potatoes he has been eating.


Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

I love the pictures and everyone looks so peaceful and truely enjoying life. We are praying for you and Brad and we have confidence in our God... he is good all the time. Thanks for the updates.

Perkins said...

Hey, I love the red goatee! I'm completely unbiased.