Thursday, March 27, 2008

Broken Leg Update

Here is the latest. After meting with Dr. Marco and taking another x-ray of my leg, it is not healing the way he would like. It is lined up correctly but just not "attaching" back to the bone well. Here are our two main options. Also, my fibula bone, down close to the ankle, was shown to be broken as well.

The first option is to cast my leg from the hip to the toes. This cast would likely be left in place for 3 months or so. The other down side is likely a significant loss in range of motion that would most likely never be gotten back. Plus, there is a chance that the bone still would not heal properly and I would then have to take the surgical route.

Option two is to surgically repair my ankle and place a metal plate that attaches to the bones and holds everything together. The downside to this option is surgery always poses a possibility for infection. One upside is ....the likely recovery period for this option is only 6 weeks in a brace.

We are trying to decide which choice is better for us at this time. Please pray for peace and comfort as we decide what to do.


da momma said...

tough ones! May you find peace in the one you choose! thanks for the updates and your kids are adorable! love yall!

amber dayton said...

Praying for clarity for you guys. Neither option sounds easy - I'll be praying for a better than expected recovery either way. Praying too for Brad's peace of mind as he faces this. Sorry that you guys have to go through yet another thing!

SheridanLeftwich said...

We have been praying for ya'll so much. I am sad that ya'll have yet another thing to decide, but I know God has such as awesome plan instore. I will be sending up many more prayers. Your children are precious. It has been fun seeing them on your blog the last couple of months.

sarahdawn said...

I'll be praying for all the decisions you are having to make and for a quick recovery time. Hope to see you soon.

Lacie said...

We have been lurking around your blog for a couple of weeks- We have been overwhelmed by many aspects of your life...the challenging, the funny, the thankful... We want you to both know we are calling out to Our Father for you.

We look forward to many more posts!

Sarah said...

I'm sorry to hear that you guys have something else to decide. We'll be praying for a clear answer and for a speedy recovery!