Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ladies Prayer Gathering

Our family was touched deeply yesterday morning as thirty women of great faith came into our home to pray over Brad's health and to lift up our entire family. Linda, Jane, Merla, Sherri, and Allison spent the last week planning a special gathering of an amazing group of women to support this effort (many friends from Brad's hometown congregation, former co-workers of our family, & other friends from Baytown). We spent the better part of two-three hours singing, reading scripture, and sending up petitions to the Lord on Brad's behalf. Those that were not able to attend sent written prayers that were read aloud to the group.

We want to say thank you to everyone who has been praying and for all who continue to pray for our family. We are richly blessed and we can feel the presence of the Lord, shown by those who surround us. We can feel His presence and are comforted daily by His love shown through each of you.

The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces
wonderful results. James 5:16

This is just one of the hundreds of prayers shared yesterday.

Dear Father, Creator of the Universe and Giver of Eternal Life,
I lift the Wims family up to you. You know their hears. You see their unwavering faith. You hear their declaration that You are in control. You feel their love for You and Your church. We trust You, Father, and we understand that we don't know the fullness of Your plans. We ask in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that You intervene and heal Brad Wims. Thank you for allowing us to enter in to Your presence and ask anything that our hearts desire. I desire Father that You intervene to cure Brad in his illness and let his life be a testimony to the power of prayer. I pray that in his restoration to health, he would be Your agent as a mighty witness for the Kingdom and a mighty warrior in the spiritual battle.

Father, thank You for Your Holy Spirit who comforts us, thank You for the words that comfort us. The words that come to mind for the Wims family right now are the words of Romans 12:12: "Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer."

I request with a humble heart that You send an extra measure of peace and strength to David, Sandra, Brad & Jenny this day and that Your love sustain them.

In the name of Jesus I pray.

written by: Janna Duty


Lisa said...

I love how God reveals his blessings through people all around us. I'm so thankful you have that support group there. Praying for you guys.

da momma said...

what a beautiful prayer! We will pray those words over and over for you guys! Thank you God for those special women & their hearts!

amber dayton said...

I'm praising God that you have so many around you guys that are surrounding you with the Father's arms right now. So many are praying for you guys from far away as well! Lots of love.

Sarah said...

I'm continually touched by the constant prayer surrounding you guys--from your blog, from people in SO many different places who ask us for updates, for the people in our own church who come to Jarrod and I offering anything that they can do for you guys (we've even had people offering to babysit your kids so you guys can go on dates, only to realize that it would be a little difficult since you live in Houston.) Know that you really are CONSTANTLY surrounded in prayer, that your names are on someone's lips at various points througout the day.

I know it must have been amazing to have the experience on Tuesday of these ladies praying over you--what a powerful, powerful blessing.