Sunday, March 23, 2008


Brad is taking over the blog for this latest post. I don't have any pics or anything but you will understand why after I finish my story. Last night, I went to the Rockets game (against Boston on a 22 game winning streak). It was raining outside as a cold front was moving in. Jenny dropped me off and I walked in the front door. They have mats right inside the door and I stopped to dry the bottom of my cane off. The next step I took at the Toyota Center was a bad one. My cane slipped out from under me and I tried to catch myself with my bad right knee. It buckled outward and as I fell, it caught and then I fell to the ground.

The EMT's took me to a first aid station, then into an ambulance to St. Joseph's ER a few blocks from the Toyota center. After spending close to two hours waiting to be seen, my wife had one of her greatest ideas ever. We got in the suburban (painfully) and went to Foundations Surgical Hospital where I have had my three previous knee surgeries. They front desk called Dr. Marco to ask his advice and then they called the on-call x-ray tech to come in. We rolled into the hospital, immediately saw a doctor who gave me a shot for pain. We then got an x-ray which showed a fractured tibia. I got another shot for pain and was in the process of being discharged when Dr. Marco came in (out of 11 pm) to look at my x-rays and figure out a plan.
Side note: What doctor do you know that is not on-call that will come and visit you at 11 at night after a busy day! He is an incredible doctor and a great, caring person.

Dr. Marco thinks that the bone will heal on its own (a huge relief that God kept me out of surgery)! I have to stay off the leg for a while and pray that it heals on its own. I will also have to wear a brace instead of a cast. But all that is nothing when we think about what "could have been" and we gladly accept this outcome to avoid another surgery!

Thanks again for all the nice notes and prayers that we have been flooded with.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you will be okay but a blessing in disguise that you missed that game,especially the second half!!

Shannon said...

Hey Brad we're praying for you!

The 'horns are playing in North Little Rock Friday. All us Arkansas fans will be rooting against them. That OK with you?

Shannon Spears

Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

We will keep praying... I am sorry that you had to miss the rockets game especially after a nice relaxing time at the houstonian... really sorry about the tibia... God is a healer and he can cure cancer and he can heal bones... keep us updated.

NatCh said...

Well, Brad, I see you still don't do things half-way. :)

I'm glad that it's not more serious than it is. You're already in my daily prayers, I'll tack this on too.

-- Nathan

Anonymous said...

Brad, We will continue to pray!!! Sorry you had a bad Tuesday after such a great Monday. Love, Pat Grisham

HeatherJ said...

That's awful about your leg! And even more so that you were having to wait so long at the first hospital. I'm glad your wife thought to go somewhere else.

I think you'll need another relaxing day at the spa after that!

Amy said...

So sorry to hear about your leg. We are continually lifting your name up to The Healer!

Amy and Jon Buchanan

Anonymous said...

You snap your leg and the Rockets snap their winning streak. Get well from the folks at CCHS. Jamey