Thursday, February 14, 2008

Zeke's Family Tree

I opened a new package of bathtub crayons for Zeke the other day. I left him alone for a few minutes and came back to this incredible art display. When I asked Zeke to tell me about his picture he said it was "his family." Ashton, Kendall & Kwis-ta are on the mid-left (Ashton's the tall one)...then Gena, Ryan & Regan....the Hanna's are on the bottom right....Zeke happened to mention that Lisa was the one with the "big head." (sorry Lisa). Uncle Matt and "his girlfriend" made the masterpiece.....along with both sets of grandparents, Vick, Gene, and quite a few others.

In case you are wondering about the the red markings on the center people...those are the "Texans cheerleaders that Daddy likes"...the red markings are their pom poms.....don't ask me why the cheerleaders make it on the family portrait, but I'm sure that prospect makes his Daddy proud.

Our family is on the top left. First me...then Brad, then Zeke and Baby Kaelyn. The smaller circles under our family are the "other babies that we are going to have." Wow. I have made it clear to Zeke that I think it would be fun to have a large family.....but, the looks of things....he has another 14 siblings in mind. I just told him that he needed to talk to Daddy about that idea. But, if we are going to have that many....we better hurry (Mommy's no spring chicken).


gena said...

I LOVE THIS!!!! Regan was reading it over my shoulder and was laughing so hard as he was trying to pick out everyone in our family!!! Zeke is so SMART!!! I love the cheerleader thing too! That would make any Dad proud!! We are so anxious to see you guys! Love ya lots!!

tamandscott said...

I am impressed with your blogging! I love the pics Zeke drew, too!!

amber dayton said...

Way to go Zeke! You are quite the artist!

da momma said...

Hey guys, not sure if you remember me from AFC 96-2000, Whitney Coker. I was fwded an email about your latest news Brad! My heart hurts for yall and I will be checkign yoru blog frequently to see how to continue praying for yall! God is alive and working! Big Hugs!!