Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Lesson In Family Dynamics By: Zeke Wims

Zeke & I were sitting in my room this morning right after he woke up. He turned to me at one moment and asked

Z: Momma, when I get bigger, will I still live with you?

J: I don't you want to?

Z: Yes

J: So, when you have your own kids and your own'll still want to live here with us?

Z: Well we might get too stacked up on each other with all those babies (I think he meant we might be too crowded....and on a side note...I do hope Zeke is clear with his future wife about his intentions for "all those babies"....he's got it in his head that he wants a BIG family)

J: Well, maybe when you're bigger with your own family you can live close by and I can come to visit you a lot.

Z: I think instead we will get a house with a lot of stories and you can come live with me.

J: Which story do I get to live on.

Z: You get the bottom because you'll be tired and won't want to climb up all those stairs. (wow....I'm thinking to myself...he has really thought this through)

So, that being said...I can't decide where Zeke get these it from Aunt Lisa & Uncle Bryan who live in the "top story" of Grammy and Papa's house (Jane & Bill) or is it the fact that Nonnie & Gwanddad lived with us for most of 2007 to take care of us?'s hard to say....but those gears are certainly turning.


Dave & Lisa said...

I found your blog through Lyneil's. You may or may not remember me; I was a year younger than you guys in AFC. Lisa Neusch is my maiden name; now it's Lisa Noble.

I pray that the Lord will continue to show Himself powerful and so present with you guys through this trial. I was encouraged by the faithful posts on your blog!

In Him, Lisa

Sarah said...

I love this. Its too cute what little ones come up with!

gena said...

I am crushed that my chocolate pie did not make it on the favorite desserts list. Tell Brad it just might not make an appearance at the next pie supper. Love you guys and miss Kaelyn already.

sarahdawn said...

Kids are so funny! Paris has moved on from the "we'll still live together" thoughts to the full blow "When I grow up I'm gonna....." Personally, I'm a fan of the live close by idea and I can't wait until my folks move up here later this year!!

amber dayton said...

He's such a smart little guy & a good planner! I love the family picture you added on the side too - so sweet!

Jane H said...

I think I know where Zeke got the idea you'd be too tired to live on an upper floor! He doesn't see Grammy climb those stairs too often!