Friday, February 29, 2008

Getting 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th...... Opinions

Brad and I went to MD Anderson yesterday to pick up his pathology slides, the path report and the most recent CT scans. We went to hand-deliver them to Dr. Marco (Brad's orthopedic oncologist who has been working on his case since the beginning).

Dr. Marco promised to take Brad's case in front of a panel of doctors at a conference he will be attending in California on Wednesday, March 5th. We are so blessed that this conference fell at the most perfect time. There he will share Brad's case information with Dr. Healez from Sloan-Kettering, several doctors from May's Clinic, and numerous other leading specialists from around the country. In Dr. Marco's opinion, having the opinion of this panel of specialists would be far more beneficial than us, personally traveling all over trying to get an opinion here, another there...etc. Marco insisted that he wouldn't stop until we shared Brad's case with all the doctors in the north/south/east & west. I was so happy and thankful for his efforts in helping our situation....I really could have kissed him on the spot....but, I didn't. I would have hated to embarrass him....he seems fairly shy. :)

So, this is our prayer at the moment.....we are fervently praying that the group of specialists have some new idea or new treatment plan that could possibly help Brad in any way. Thank you all in advance for your prayers. We love you all.


Brooks Inc. said...


We have not ceased in our prayers for you all. Tony came home for lunch the other day and the first words out of his mouth were, "I cannot stop thinking about Jenny and Brad." I am confident he is just one of many who is continuosly calling your name out before our Father.

We will continue to cry out that the Dr.s will have insight, wisdom and clarity as they review Brad's case.

Love you-


erin said...


We are reading and praying. Love y'all.

Erin Jones and family

sarahdawn said...

What a tremendous blessing you have in this doctor. I will be praying that he and the doctors he will be speaking with about Brad have wisdom and confidence in the solutions they are going to find. Love you both!

Sarah (hartleib)

Sarah said...

Jenny, we have been praying fervently for you guys to have some hopeful news and I am so delighted to see a ray here after such devastating news earlier this week. We will continue to be in constant prayer, knowing that our hope is not in mortal man, but rather in a God of miracles. We love you guys! Sarah D.

KristyandJaks said...

Jenny and Brad,

I just found your blog for the first time. I wanted to let you know you guys are in my prayers. Make sure Brad knows that he is in my thoughts. I have so many great memories from high school and college with him. I can't even imagine a kinder hearted person to have to go through this. Your family is beautiful.

Kristy Petty

Fthood55 said...

Jenny & Brad,

Since we know that prayer without ceasing will avail much, I have been keeping you in my prayers for a "Hanna Healing Miracle" (Like Juanita's). Since I am enjoying the "power surges" of post menopausal life,I am taking care of the middle of the night hours of prayer, so please sleep and rest.

Last year Daryl and I began to do the raw food diet on a consistent basis at first and now occassionally. It is similar to the diet you are beginning as far as the non-meets and there are some web sites with good recipes. They include:

It definitely makes for some more variety.

We have added you to the prayer list for our congregation in Rockport and of course personally keep you and yours in our prayers.

In Christian Love,

Ann Newton

da momma said...

just checking on yall! what a neat crowd of friends yall have covering you with prayer! You remain on our hearts!

Shelly said...

I'm friends with Becky and Amber---just want you to know I will be praying for a miraculous healing for Brad. Your journey touches my heart---although it was a completely different scenario (one not even close to being as hard as yours) my husband and I walked through him having cancer a few years ago. Because of our journey, my heart is softened and ultra-sensitive to others who have to endure the weeks and months of treatment, pain, fear, and all the other emotions that you are going through. I will be praying for the Lord to sustain you during this time--all of you!
Love and LOTS of prayers---
Shelly (and Tra) Willbanks

Cherrys said...


I don't know if we ever met but I was in Brad's class at ATM. Y'all are in my prayers daily!

Lynna Garland Cherry

Anonymous said...

I only recently learned of the trials your family faces through a "prayer request" via e-mail. I will be following your blog and lifting you all up before God's throne daily. God truly is the worker of miracles. Bless you all!

Kate said...

Jenny & Brad,
Matt Hartleib e-mailed Mike and I to ask us to pray. We are praying for you and have also asked our church family in Chicago to pray for you as well. We love you both and are thinking about your family non-stop.

Much love,
Katy & Mike

Ethan said...

Hey Jenny and Brad,

Cody told me you guys had a blog with updates on how you are doing. We are praying for you.

-Ethan Jackson (Brad's old roommate)

Dana Lester said...

Jenny & Brad,
I know there isn't a lot I can say but I am praying hard for your family. I know God can do anything... and when I say anything I mean anything. I can't say I know what your going through because I have never been there. when my mom told me what was going on I couldn't help but cry. I just went in my room and got on my knees to pray. Something I was told the other day was to ride out the storms in our lives. I don't know if that helps but God is always there holding us up even when we don't feel Him. I want you to know that you will be in my prayers always.
With Love In Christ,
Dana Lester

david said...

Brad & Jenny,

I've been mindful of you guys all day. I know the meeting is going on today and am prayerful of its outcome. We had a time of prayer last Wed night at Lakewood and will do so again this evening. Thanks for posting.


Suzanne said...

I listened to a miraculous CD today about a cancer survivor who was given up on by his doctors. If you give me your address, I will put the CD in the mail to you.

Brad is in my prayers. There must be a reason why I heard this CD today and also happened to read your blog today. God bless you and your family. And by the way, I too am a cancer survivor - it's been 10 years since I was diagnosed, and each day has been a gift. Suzanne

Anonymous said...

Jenny and Brad,
Ya'll are in our thoughts and prayers daily. May you feel God's presence around your family at this uncertain time, and know that miracles happen!

Amy Barry and family