Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bathtub Fun

Bathtime is one of the best times of the day. No matter what mood they are in, Zeke & Kaelyn always enjoy time in the bathtub together. Yesterday they were laughing so much at each other, I decided to video their interaction. There is no sound more joyous than hearing the two of them giggling together. They just enjoy each other's company so much.


rhonda said...

Jenny, I have been "lurking" and reading your blog and haven't posted to let you know how I have enjoyed catching up with your family. The kids are dolls and I LOVED the bathtub mural.

I'll be remembering your family in my prayers...for a good doctor's report and plan for Brad's healing and for energy to keep doing what needs to be done raising those 2 precious kids and all the 14 others that Zeke has planned for you.


amber dayton said...

Love this post! You are so clever. I need a tutorial on posting video clips. :) Tell Kaelyn that all of blogworld has seen her shiney hiney! We too love bath time at our house. If the water would stay warm forever they'd still be in there from yesterday. :)