Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Yesterday's Visit w/ the Doctor

Brad has been experiencing some sudden swelling and pain below his right knee so we decided to go in yesterday to see Dr. Marco's PA (Jerry)...the orthapedic oncologist who first took Brad's case in November of 2006. X-rays were ran and Jerry didn't see anything immediately causing the pain. He ordered a couple of other tests to be run on Thursday and then we will go in to follow up with Dr. Marco that same afternoon. It was comforting to have Jerry look at Brad again...after several months of working with MD was a nice change to talk with Jerry again who has been working with Brad since his first symptoms started. Jerry and Brad have a good relationship...side conversations always going back to the Houston Rockets or the latest videogame. It's like coming home when we walk into their office...we have been there so much over the last year and a half.

We're still waiting to hear from MD Anderson. But, more good news...Brad had another great night of sleep. There is nothing like it. :)


Holly said...

I'm glad he's been able to get to sleep! We're praying for y'all. :)

Jennifer said...

We are friends with the Shelton's and wanted to let you know that we are praying daily for you and your entire family!

sarahdawn said...

Praying that the sleep continues and results are are quick. Love you!