Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kaelyn's Party

Kaelyn's birthday party was Saturday evening. I was working for most of Saturday, so the boys were left in charge of the bulk of the party planning. Brad decided to take Zeke out to run errands with him that morning. This is their conversation before leaving the house that day:

B: We need to go to Toys R Us to get your sister a birthday present.

Z: When we go to the store, let's get a present for me too.

B: No, it's your sister's birthday so we are going to get gifts for her.

Z: Well, she likes to play with my toys, so lets get one little boy toy.

Here are some pictures from her party. She really seemed to enjoy her cake...not so much eating was more fun to throw on the floor and smear into her hair.

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amber dayton said...

Happy birthday sweet Kaelyn! I'm glad you liked your cake. ;) Glad to hear that Daddy is sleeping well too, we'll keep praying!