Saturday, February 2, 2008

Recent "Zeke-isms"

One of the biggest attractions to blogging for me is the hope that I will sit down more frequently to write down the funny moments that Zeke & Kaelyn have blessed us with daily. I know that Brad and I have been disappointed in the past to realize how quickly we forget all the cute words, funny sayings and priceless moments. So here is our new attempt to "capture" those memories.

Here are some of the more recent "Zeke-isms."

1. At bedtime the other night, Zeke & Brad were saying their prayers. At the end of Zeke's prayer he said, "God, please be with Me, Kaelyn, Daddy & Mommy. Help us to take our vitamins and Singular (his allergy medicine) to help us stay hel-fy."

2. On Friday, while the kids and I were driving in the car (running errands), Zeke informed me that he thought I was a "sorry sucker" (a term that he and his Daddy use to affectionately describe each other). I pretended to be quite offended at this statement and as I complained about his description of me, Zeke told me, "Don't worry about it Momma, it's opo-sis day."

3. Anyone who has spent any time at our house in the winter knows how much Brad likes to avoid the use of centralized heat. We LOVE the cooler weather that winter brings and one of the ways that we savor the coolness is by allowing our house to drop to unusually low temperatures. Like father like son......we have discovered that Zeke is quite warm-natured also. One morning last week we got up to a house temperature of a brisk 58 degrees. Zeke woke up, walked into the living room and said, "Mom, may I please take my shirt off.... I am SO hot!" We really do live in the wrong part of the globe for the 2 males in our house.....the North Pole is where I believe they would be best suited. Then (maybe) they would finally get cooled off!

4. This past year proved to be a challenging one for Zeke with seperation anxiety from his momma. There were numerous times when Zeke could be found clinging to my ankles as I would try to leave the house or the room for that matter. Zeke found comfort in staying within a 24 inch range....anything more brought on lots of tears and agony. Turning four-years-old brought a big change in materity for Zeke and he has been pleasently content with life and events happening around him.

Just the other day, my friend Kara Dennis and her two children were over to visit. I was leaving for a doctor's appointment and before leaving, I gave Zeke a couple of choices.

J: Mommy has to go to the doctor...would you like to stay here with Mrs. Kara or would you like to go to the doctor with me? (feeling certain that he would choose going with his mommy of course!)

Z: I want to stay here with Mrs. Kara and Jackson.

J: (kidding with him) But Zeke! Mommy will be so lonely. I will really miss you!

Z: It's ok Momma (as he patted my back)....don't be'll be back in just a little bit. (got to love hearing your own words being quoted back to you)

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tamandscott said...

Yea for you! I'm glad you decided to take the plunge! Your kids are so great. Thanks for the visit this weekend!