Saturday, February 23, 2008

Kaelyn's Trip to Kerrville

Kaelyn went to Kerrville this week to spend time with family. She spent the first few days with Gena, Doug, Ryan & Regan. Then the last few days with Mimi, Dan, Krista, Ashton, & Kendall. The break has allowed us a week to spend special time with Zeke and also to get some home projects accomplished. It's amazing how much I can get done with only Zeke in tow! Nonnie & Gwanddad are coming here by way of Kerrville to spend a little time there and to pick up K. We are SO excited about seeing her tomorrow night....can't wait!
This is the note that we received from Gena yesterday (along with the great pictures):
WE'RE NOT SENDING HER HOME!! She's being held hostage indefinately!!! The first picture is of her eating mashed potatoes and peas. We dressed her up in her A&M outfit (lots of comments by people in Walmart about how cute she was--even some t-sips couldn't resist complimenting her) The last pictures are of her dancing to "Play that Funky Music White Boy" She was cracking us up. We're having lots of fun as you can see. I've loved getting to play with bows and frilly socks for a change!


amber dayton said...

What sweet pictures of Kaelyn - you'll be beating boys off with a stick someday! The ones of Zeke helping were so cute too - I'm sure you guys had so much fun just enjoying him this week!

tamandscott said...

What fun for her (and a great break for you!). Prayed for Brad at small group tonight. I am hoping he gets definitive answers at the doctor this week.

Sarah said...

Jenny, I just wanted to share Logan's prayer from the past two weeks: "Dear God, Thank you for Mr. Brad and Mrs. Jenny and their kiddos. Thank you for the doctors that will heal him." So simple, but I think we often try to make our faith so complicated as adults--sometimes our children are great reminders of how simple God's love really is. We are praying for positive and hopeful news this week at MDA.

Sarah said...

Jenny, we just got an email from Sandra (forwarded by Ann.) Please know that we immediately hit our knees pleading on you guys behalf. We know who is in control and who The Great Physician is. Know that we love you guys and we are in constant, fervent prayer.