Thursday, September 18, 2008

We left from Munich to the clinic this morning and it was 2°c. That is about 35 degrees at home. Jenny did not pack enough warm clothes but I brought my big jacket so I am ok. I had the first round today. I did not get fever but then I never do the first day. Tomorrow will be a doozy. I feel fine right now and we are staying at a hotel tonight as our house is not available until Saturday. Thanks for all the continued prayers!


Anonymous said...

The burb is back at your house and you have power again! Woohoo! So let Jenny's parents know they can come on in!


sarahdawn said...

Praying for effective treatment with little side effects. That video Jenny posted of you shivering was tough. Paris asked today - totally out of the blue - "How's Brad feeling?" I told her you were in Germany seeing a special doctor. She seemed concerned and added that we should keep praying. We will. Love you guys!