Monday, September 1, 2008

Strength In Numbers

Life at our house in the mornings in always busy...especially Sunday mornings. On Saturday night I always go through and lay everyone's clothes out ahead of time so that we have one less decision to make during the "crunch time."

Brad always helps me out by getting the kids dressed Sunday morning so that I can do other things to get us all ready and out the door. Last Sunday, after they got dressed, Brad came in to tell me that Zeke had come up to him to say, "Daddy, let's tell Mommy that we want to pick out our own clothes." I guess he knew there would be strength in numbers and if the two of them ganged up on me then I would cave and let them decide. HA! Zeke has strong preference about his clothing selection and for some reason I don't approve of his Spiderman pajama top selection for Sunday morning attire.


This morning Zeke came into my office where I was working and said, "I was Ar-ganizinig my drawers and I found some some clothes that I have never weared! Really Mom...never!" I usually shop at the end of one season for next year's season, so in his "ar-ganizing," Zeke had stumbled upon clothes for this upcoming fall/winter that he hadn't seen before. Of course now he is begging to wear camo sweat pants this morning in our 90 degree heat.!