Friday, September 12, 2008

Escaping Hurricane Ike

I just thought I would let everyone know what The Wims' fam is up to while hurricane Ike batters the Houston coastline. Brad & I (with the help of Sandra & David) prepped the house on Thursday & headed out of town by noon that day. S & D headed back to Granbury while the 4 of us went to Kerrville. As we picked Zeke up from school at noon, we had everything loaded in the car ready to go. When he left home that morning we hadn't finished packing and he was unaware of our departure plans. As Zeke climbed into the car he said, "where are we going?"
Z: Hooray! Why are we leaving?
J: Well, there is a hurricane coming so we want to be safe & comfortable, so we are going to Kerrville to get out of the way of the bad weather.
Z: You mean the big swirl that is in the water where the skarks are? The one that is coming soon to where the people are?
J: Yes, did you see the big swirl on tv?
Z: Yes, we were watching it in our room today at school. I'm glad we are going to Kerrville. Poor Mr. Kerry is going to be stuck in that bad hurricane. (I thought it was so funny that Mr. Kerry was the first thing that popped into his head when he thought about the hurricane coming to our house. Mr. Kerry is a very kind man down the street...Zeke loves to go down on his scooter to say "Hi" to he and his family)

We will share more Kerrville stories and pictures soon. We should have updates on damages to our area some time tomorrow. Thank you for your prayers!

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Joelle said...

Glad ya'll left town. That wind was incredible...never experienced anything like it! Hope your house fared well. We need a new roof and fence, but have no water damage. Still no power in most of Houston (my Mom has power and internet), and lots of flooding around. You might wait another day at least! Oh - and our water has dirt in it. Black dirt - yuck! Bring water for brushing teeth, bathing, etc.