Monday, September 22, 2008

Today's treatment went well for Brad. The clinic was very quiet today...just Brad & Georgia (the Greek girl I have spoken about many times). I have to admit...having 2 staff persons per patient is a pretty good ratio to have. By mid-day I thought we would be having a very short day at the clinic, but they ended up giving Brad the Coley's toxins in 2 rounds...he didn't actually get fever until about 2:45pm...very late in the day. But, the good part was...he got a resonably high fever...about 38.5 & it came on so slowly that he didn't shake at all...just got that was nice. We ended up staying in the clinic until almost 5pm, but the day went faster for Brad because he ended up being able to sleep a lot of the day (that is very unusual for him...probably the jet lag).

We went to Gunzenhausen for dinner. Brad hadn't eaten anything all day because they generally encourage him to wait until after the fever session to eat....since he waited all day, he didn't eat all day.

After dinner we did a little grocery shopping, then we went home. Stephen, the son of our new landlady, came over to set up the internet. It worked for about an hour...we were so excited....then it stopped working. Maybe we will be able to figure out how to fix it.

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