Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Back to Germany Treatment: Round 3

Well, Brad & I made it back to Germany this was quite an adventure in getting here, but we made it. We got up early on Tuesday morning, played with the kids a little bit and left the Bosse's at 8:30am. As we were heading back to Houston, I was on the phone with my assistant Mary, asking her to go ahead and print our boarding passes for us for our 9:55pm flight that night out of Houston. She was having a lot of difficulty so eventually she called Air France directly to see about our reservations. Once she spoke to them on the phone, they told her that our flight that evening had been cancelled and we were now reserved for the 4pm flight that day! That was good information to know considering it was about noon when we found out and we were still two hours outside of Houston. It was a good thing we called! I had even contacted the airline the day before and was told that our flight was scheduled to leave on mention of any changes. So we went straight to the stopping by the house and jumped on our plane. Jamie & Doug Cox met us there with a few items we still needed from the house & then they drove our car back to Deer Park. Thank you Doug & Jamie!

I decided to forgive Air France for their slip-up in not calling us with a sudden change of itenerary because once we were boarded they allowed me to move up to Business class to sit next to Brad (I was supposed to be in Economy). It was a much more enjoyable flight with him right next to me, plus the larger, more comfortable seat wasn't too bad either.

Tonight we are here with Isolde. We will get up first thing in the morning and head to Markt Berolzheim for Brad's first day at the clinic. Thank you for your prayers for a safe trip...all in all (once we got on the plane) was a fairly easy trip!

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Perks said...

Praying for a great, successful trip. Much love to both of you...