Friday, September 26, 2008

News from Markt Berolzheim

Yesterday's treatment did not bring a high fever for Brad. He received several injections, but only got a temperature of just over 37 C. Today he came into the clinic with a low grade fever, so they just gave him a small injection of the toxins which brought his fever up to 39 C.

We still haven't received the CT scan that was supposed to have been mailed here on the 17th. I don't know if it got lost in the mail or if the mail system is just slow (maybe due to the post-hurricane mess in Houston?) We are anxious to see the results of that scan...hopefully it will arrive before we leave.

Brad looks pretty worn out today, so I know that he is welcoming the weekend of rest. After the weekend we will only have 2 more days of treatment and then we will head back to the states on Wednesday...yippee!


SheridanLeftwich said...

I hope these next few days fly by for ya'll so you can get home and love on those kiddies.

tamandscott said...

Anxious to hear the news of the CT results. Still praying daily. Love y'all.