Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Playing for The Cure

We were pleasantly surprised by a phone call this morning from Scott Simonds, the head volleyball coach at Clear Creek High School. Scott was calling to ask us to come attend the Girls Volleyball game against Deer Park to be hosted tonight at Clear Creek. Brad was honored during the game as funds were collected to be given to our family to help pay for Brad's medical treatment. The ladies on both sides wore pink jerseys in honor of the event. We were so touched by their efforts and it was a wonderful opportunity for Brad to go back on campus at Creek to see some of the teachers and students who have been so prayerful for our family.

The only major injury during the event was when Kaelyn fell down flat on her face. Her new teeth bit right through her upper lip and it bled everywhere. Fortunately it stopped bleeding fairly quickly and she calmed down pretty fast. This injury only took second to Brad's injury earlier that day. At 8 this morning Brad was on his scooter outside. He somehow managed to run the scooter into the gate and in the process cut off the entire toenail on his second toe (left foot). That was a lot bloodier. To be was a pretty messy day.

Thank you so much to Scott, the players, the students and all those who supported the event. It truly meant so much to our family. You are so kind to help us in such a generous way!

The Houston Chronicle wrote a very nice article about Clear Creek's event. To read the article click here

Here are a few pictures from the event.


Richard Glass said...

That's pretty awesome. I helped at the Deer Park volleyball camp this summer and they are a great group of girls!

amber dayton said...

What a cool event! How special for Brad to feel such love & support from the community. Sorry to hear about all the blood & gore yesterday! Good grief!

Kevin & Tiffany Daniels said...

Wow! How wonderful to see God working in our communities for those who continue to work for Him. Your family is so loved by so many. It is truly an honor to know you. What a blessed weekend you will have! God is good!