Monday, September 15, 2008

A Look At 3402

Jane & Bill went by our house to check out the damages and to make sure that there were no issues in need of immediate attention. We lost several sections of fence around the yard & 11 sections of our kiddie fence around the pool. The new playhouse took a nose dive, but other than that...there is very little to report...HOORAY! We feel very blessed to have such little damage. One of the biggest blessings was that our area received very little flooding...what a relief. Please continue to pray for those families who received more substantial damage to the homes and communities.

My friend Mary Hinkel went into our house yesterday afternoon and cleaned out both refridgeraters...thank you Mary! Brad & I plan to drive back either late tonight or tomorrow morning in order to catch our Tuesday evening flight from Houston to Munich so that he will be able to start treatment on the 18th.

Our plan is for the children to stay here in Kerrville until the power is back up in our home and my parents home. Then the kiddos will head back to our house for the remainder of our trip. In hopes to help provide stability & consistency in Zeke's life, last week we enrolled Zeke in school with Deer Park ISD. We decided, after lots of consideration, to let him join a Pre-K Inclusion program with the Deer Park Early Childhood Learning Center. He will be given the opportunity to learn along side of both general education students & students with special needs. The Early Childhood Center is a brand-new facility with lots of parent/teacher support. After visiting several times to the campus I was very impressed with the program. So, all that being said...Zeke will be headed back to school this week once DP schools re-open.


amber dayton said...

Praise God! So glad that the house didn't get flooded. We will be praying for your trip!

Angie Campbell said...

We are relieved to have such little damage as well. I haven't been home yet, but Darrell went home to check today. We are praying for a safe trip to Germany.

sarahdawn said...

Tripp is in a program like the one Zeke is in. He is on the special needs side of it, but so far it has been really good. Definitely some adjusting for all of us, but showing very positive signs for him. The consistency has been good for all of us and I hope it will be for you guys too!