Saturday, September 20, 2008

News From The Weekend

Right now we are staying with Isolde in Ismaning. Brad & I decided that it would be best if we came back here under the circumstances (ie. I've been too sick to pamper Brad as well as he has grown accustomed to, therefore, he comes racing back to Isolde so he can continue to be waited on properly).

I left Kerrville on Tuesday not feeling real well and with each day I seemed to get a little worse and a little Thursday morning I could tell that I was really getting sick. Thursday in the clinic I slept for 4 hours...a lot of good I was to Brad. Luckily that day didn't bring a lot of fever for him...good thing...because he was on his own....which I'm sure everyone will be hearing about once we return. It will be 'the time we flew to Germany for his treatment so that I could get sick and have all his nurses hovered over Jenny and took care of Jenny and brought tea to Jenny.' I can just hear the sarcastic stories now! I will never hear the end of it. I'm certain of that.

On Thursday afternoon Brad & I left the clinic to search out our B&B in Meinheim where we were to stay the night. Our house that we are renting this time is not ready until Sunday. Brad was even forced to drive this time because I was feeling so rotten. Once we found the Gasthaus we went right up and crashed. The hosts made us both dinner that they brought to our room...that was very nice. By the evening I was running a high fever & Brad was running one right alongside of me....that was an interesting night. I know Brad was wondering what he had got himself into bringing me to be his caregiver...I could hardly lift a spoon to feed myself. I was in and out from 5-7...I kept falling asleep mid-sentence (Brad told me later). I actually can't remember hardly anything that happened that day. Then I crashed at 7 and slept til 7...I was wiped.

On Friday I was hooked up to an IV in the clinic alongside of Brad. Nurse Tanya infused me with some of the very same immunotherapy that they give to Brad. I got a Vitamin C infusion and another couple of infusions. I assumed this was my trip to experience treatment from Brad's perspective a little more..from the patient bed, with high fever. I experienced a high fever on Thursday just so that I can be a little more sympathetic to he day-to-day experience here. I have to say...high fever without fever-reducing meds is the pits. It really does make me better understand why he dreds starting therapy as much as he does.

Friday's therapy for Brad went well. He delivered a high fever (39.2 C) without any extreme breathing difficulty. It was hard for him but not overwhelming. The clinic was very quiet that day...not busy at all so we were finished and able to leave at 2pm...Brad always likes that.

Now let's discuss the weather. It is like the Artic Tundra here in Munich right now. Good grief. I brought warm clothes...warm clothes to layer. I didn't think every outfit I would wear would need long underwear & my ski jacket in order to not freeze my tooshie off! I mean it is freezing here! When we checked the temps before leaving it said lows of 40 and highs of mid-50's. I would love to see some 40 degree weather. There has been ice on our windshield each morning...that is how cold it is. My brain could hardly adjust to leaving 95 degrees to come straight to 35...burr! Brad brought 4 pairs of shorts...ha! I don't think he will be needing any of those this trip. It is hard to believe that the weather could change so rapidly since we were here has only been four weeks. It is CRAZY-cold!

Today Sabine (Isolde's daughter & Kathrin's sister) came by to check on me. She is a doctor so she helped decide if she thought I would do better with some antibiotics. Sabine said that she suspected I have tonsilitus and she put me on 10 days of penicillin. So far I do seem to feel better so I hope it works!

We are headed to Munich tomorrow to go to church with Isolde & to watch the Octoberfest parade. Should be fun. It is opening weekend so Isolde & Sabine are concerned that it may be super-crowded. We figure we will go and see it and when we are done with crowds...we'll just leave. Sunday afternoon we will go to MB to check in at the Kafferlein house. Monday morning starts the next round of treatment.

Thank you for your prayers!


Brenda said...

oh Jenny, what a trip for you!

Shame on you for decreasing Brad's care and attention!!!! :)

Glad you got some help and are doing better. Praying for you guys in the cold weather (what a shock to the system!) and the treatments. Take care.

Linda said...

Jenny, I hope you get to feeling better soon! I know how it feels to just want to be well to take care of your loved ones. I'm praying for you both! And for warmer temps!

Much Love,

Perks said...

Oh dear! We will for sure be praying for you, too, Jenny!

According to C&P, we've been having "cold" weather here, too. They were both talking about how they were freezing at school and how they definitely need to bring their jackets the next day. That's when the high was 75 degrees. I think 85 feels normal to them! :)

da momma said...

HEY!! How long are yall there this time? Can I send you some thermals? our prayers are with you daily!

Angie Campbell said...

Hope you are feeling better soon- both of you! We miss ya!

tamandscott said...

Geez. I think it is awesome that Kathrin's family is there to help you out. God puts people right where we need them. Get better soon so you can cater to Brad!! ;)