Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Warning About Hiccups

Zeke and I were sitting down reading yesterday afternoon. For some reason, I had a terrible case of hiccups that just would not quit. Zeke proceeded to tell me a little about the effect that hiccups have on a person. Here is our conversation.

Z: Momma, you want to know what my teacher, Mrs. Barlow says when I get hiccups?
J: What does she say?
Z: She tells me that when I have them it is because I am getting bigger.
J: Really, I didn't know that.
Z: You have a lot of them, so I guess you are getting REALLY big.

1 comment:

da momma said...

hilarious! Maybe thats why they tell you to hold your breath when you have them so you dont eat anything else! I think yo uneed to tell his teacher that one!