Thursday, April 9, 2009

Macie Rae Hanna is Here!

Macie came into the world at 2:13pm
weighing 8 pounds / 0 ounces
19 3/4 inches in length
Both Mommy & baby are doing great!
She is a real cutie :)

I love this picture...look at that proud Daddy!

Macie had quite an audience right from the start.


kj7 said...

Can't wait to hold her!! She's precious. Thanks Jen for keeping us all updated as we have been patiently waiting.

Perks said...

Wow!!!! Praise God!

Bobbie Brodsgaard said...

So sweet - and so big. No wonder Lisa was ready for her to make her appearance! God is good and has once again blessed this family. Praise Him!

As I type this, I looked down at the word verification and it's MIDST - God is truly in our midst as we experience this miracle!

tamandscott said...

Congrats, Brian and Lisa!!

Rebecca said...

Look at all those chunky rolls! I can't wait to hold that beautiful girl.

amber dayton said...

She's precious! Give Lisa & Bryan a hug from us. Looks like you'll have some sweet snuggles in your future.

Emily said...

Aw... she is sooo precious and chunky! :) I think her little face looks a lot like Callie too! Can't wait to hold that sweet baby!!!

da momma said...

she is so pretty! so sweet!

J Katy Garner said...

Hey Jen,
We pray for you often : ) Shelby Kate still prays for Brad and usually says God take care of him in heaven. Thanks for the great pics and update about Brian and Lisa's sweet new baby!