Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Aggie Muster 2009

Last night my parents, Bryan, Lisa, Macie, Bill, Jane & I attended the Baytown location for Aggie Muster to honor Brad's legacy. It was an important tradition to Brad and I know that he was proud that so many attended in his name.

We love you Brad & we sure do miss you.

What is Muster?Aggies are all about unity and loyalty. When an Aggie falls, the family comes together to remember. This remembrance occurs annually on April 21 as Aggies observe Muster, a solemn event to honor current and former students who died during the previous year. Over 300 Musters are held around the world, with the largest taking place at Reed Arena on the Texas A&M University campus. All Muster ceremonies feature the Roll Call for the Absent. As the names of the deceased Aggies are called, a family member or friend answers "Here," to symbolize that although their loved one is not present in body, his or her spirit will be present forever.

My good friend Camille & her husband Blake attended Muster in Singapore. She wrote this on her blog, describing her experiences last night.
April 21st, 2009 there were approx. 40+ aggies that gathered at the American Club in Singapore to honor the fallen aggies this past year. Like the poem above "In Memoriam" we toasted in honor of them all. It was a good way to celebrate those whom we knew (Brad) and those whom we did not but with the same color of blood color maroon we will forever be one. The Good news is that we know exactly where Brad is roaming (the poem says wherever they may roam)... the streets of Gold with Jesus.

In Memoriam
We stood a little taller,
and a little prouder then
When we heard the call of Muster
and the Roll Call just begin.
We stood there all together
and wiped away the tears
When our names were called out softly
and answered with a “Here!”...
and so we’ve joined together
with our brothers of the past
To make our final resting place at
Aggieland our last.
We take a toast to our brotherhood
wherever they may roam,
For us the trek is over
Aggieland we’re coming home.
by Lt. Col. David Harrigan ‘68

A note from Camille:
I just wanted to tell you what an honor it was to say "Here" when they called out Brad's name at Muster 2009 for Singapore. Ron Lee and I were both present and we both said "Here"... it was a bit touching but such an honor to be an aggie and a humbling way to honor our dear brother. I have blogged at it (of course) but I have also attached some pics for you of the roll call (which was held in at the American Club in a pub that have banners with all the colleges for the US). I am praying for you... your strength amazes me... and I can only hope and pray to resemble the hope and faith that you have in our Jesus... your light is bright and I know is 'screaming the truth of Christ' to so many. My hands are folded, my heart aches, and my eyes are often wet when I think of you... but my hope and faith is restored. Please let me know what I can do... I know Jenny W. talked to you about a quilt and I understand that is already being done for the kids... but if I can do anything for you guys please let me know. I love you and keep pressing on...

Another note from Julie Brymer:
Tonight, we attended the Harris County Muster. Brad's name was called, and we proudly answered "here" for him. I didn't know if you were able to attend, but it was an honor to answer here for a man of God, a fellow brother in Christ, a fellow AFC'r, and a fellow Aggie. My husband talks of Brad often, as he admires him and the way in which he lived boldly for our King. It pushes Justin towards a more imitate walk with the Lord.
We continue to pray for you, each night. Thank you for your sweet example of devotion to the Lord and His will. I see Christ in you, and I admire you as a great woman of faith, honesty, truth, grace, and faithfulness.
You are loved!
Your Sister in Christ,


da momma said...

what a touching post! here comes a hug...catch it!

Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

I just love seeing all the love and support you have around you during this time... you truely do amaze me and I so wish I was there with you in Houston. You are loved and prayed for.

Jess in Nebraska said...

Jenny - I don't know you, but am constantly amazed by you. You are a true expression of faith and love even in the midst of tremendous grieving. So glad to have found your blog....
Blessings to you....
Jess in Nebraska

tamandscott said...

That's an awesome way to remember and honor Brad. Thinking of you daily.

The Texas Hoaglands said...

What a great way to honor Brad's memory. Jenny, you are an amazing woman. And yes, I love the green matching outfits - the girl already has some great taste in clothing. Thinking of you daily, Sally H.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to use your public forum, but wanted to share this link from another blog I follow. The young wife and mother of 2 also recently lost her husband and seems to have the same brave, faith driven outlook as you do. You MUST read the sympathy cards from young children that she posted today.