Monday, May 5, 2008

A Week In Kerrville

The kids have been in Kerrville all week and they are having a BLAST! Gena sent some pictures today along with a message:
Hey Guys!
As you can see, Zeke has been hanging out with his cousins...he really liked going to the "big school" and having lunch with Ryan & Reg. Kealyn has Dan completely wrapped around her little finger. It's just downright pitiful! He'll even wear her bow in his hair if she want him too!!! They really like looking at the garden together and driving the tractor. Rainbow got to go to Up-N-Jacks and slide on the big slide with Zeke. We are all having a great time. I love seeing the kids together and how much they all love each other--we just need Cal & Jack to be here!

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