Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Our 8th Anniversary!

Today Brad & I are celebrating 8 years together! Wow. The last picture is from today...in case you couldn't tell...ha! Don't we look so young & refreshed....I think it is the week without our kiddos.

I feel especially blessed today, to be here with Brad spending special time together. Thank you God for giving such an amazing man in my life. I love so many things about him.
He is a fantastic husband & a wonderful father.
He loves to get down on the ground & wrestle with the kids & they LOVE it!
He is caring & compassionate.
He is enthusiastic.
He loves sports...especially the Aggies.
He is the most loyal person I have ever met.
He is intuative.
He has a terrific smile & is SO handsome.
He loves the Lord & has amazing faith.
He keeps an immaculate yard...caring about the way it looks so much more than I ever do....I even found him 1 week post-surgery crawling through the flower beds to weed them.
He makes me feel gorgeous & so good about myself.
He makes me LAUGH out loud ALL the time!
He always has something funny to say in light of difficult situations to help lift the mood.
He loves animals...especially dogs.
He works hard on his physical therapy & never complains (even though I know it is incredibly difficult)
He prays with me every night.
He gives me 20 second hugs every day (because he read somewhere that you should hug your wife at least 20 seconds daily :) ...this might be my favorite thing!

Here's to many more wonderful years together...cheers! Instead of wine, we decided to celebrate the day with a toast with "green goodness"...the green juice drink in my hand that Brad forces down with a smile on his face. There's nothing like a toast with a little wheat grass, broccoli, and a few other green juices...yum!


Anonymous said...

Brad and Jenny-
Happy Anniversary!! You make such a cute couple. May God bless you with MANY, MANY, MANY more good years. You are in my thoughts and prayers DAILY. I know you both are blessed!! Keep strong in the faith and HE will see you through this!!

Regina (Wall) Sugg
Fighting Aggie Class of '97 WHOOP

Leigh7880 said...

Happy Anniversary, guys! Your wedding was a memorable one, and here's wishing you many memorable (try saying that three times fast)years to come!

Perks said...

What a sweet couple! You are so blessed to have each other! Happy Anni!

da momma said...

Happy Anniv! Yall are such a beautiful couple! May this year be the best year ever! I love yall! Love the music! whit

Lisa said...

Happy anniversary! It doesn't seem like that long ago since we were all at your wedding. Hope you're having a wonderful week. Praying for you both.

Kate said...


Happy Anniversary!! Mike and my 8 year anniversary is today (May 7th) and I can't believe where the time has gone. You guys are such a beautiful couple and you have beautiful children to match! Much Love to you both!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! You are a wonderful couple and an inspiration to so many of us. Jenny, you are also the greatest, too. I am so pleased you have had some time home alone. I wish you much, much more time (days, months and years) together. Sincerely, Nancy Williams (Charlotte)

tamandscott said...

Happy anniversary! Why did y'all not celebrate at the Gap? ;)

Darrell and Angie Campbell said...

Happy anniversary! I am so happy for you guys! Time does fly, doesn't it? You guys do look the same as the day you wed! You are both an inspiration to all around you, and we love you!

HeatherJ said...

It's so nice to see your wedding photos! Happy 8th anniversary!!!

amber dayton said...

Happy anniversary! I can't believe it's been 8 years - you guys both look just as beautiful as you did in your wedding pics - guess you are keeping each other young. :)

Rebecca said...

Happy Anniversary! How beautiful those pics are from your wedding day. I think you guys look just as good with 8 years together too. Hope the kids are letting you sleep some now that they are back.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! I agree, you are so blessed to have each other and wish you many more wonderful years together. I love these pictures.
Allison Powers

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! Happy Anniversary! Ann and Jerry Jay

Sarah said...

Happy anniversary! I can't believe it has been that long--the time has flown! You both look amazing. I pray that this will be the best year yet!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! I can't believe that was already 8 years ago. Sweet pictures. :)

-Kara Hartleib