Thursday, May 29, 2008

And.....We're Off!

Today is the big travel day! Brad, Sandra, David & I leave from Intercontinental Airport tonight at 8:00pm to arrive in Munich at 5:00pm, May 30th. The kids will be spending time with cousins Jack & Callie & later...Mimi & Sherri while we are gone. Then G.G. & Papa C. will embark on the exciting trip of taking our children on a 14- hour journey to come join us. Please pray for my parents. That should be an interesting trip.

Following our flight, we will spend the weekend catching up on rest & getting settled into our apartment. On Monday morning we will meet with Dr. Thaller to discuss his treatment plan for Brad and to make initial arrangements.

The town that we are staying, Markt Berolzheim, is very small (about 1500 people). Although, we are without internet access there, we plan to drive into neighboring towns to use the internet cafes so that we can send/recieve email...and of course, so that I can update our blog!

On a very exciting note...I FOUND MY CAMERA!!! Yippee! As I was repacking my suitcase last night..I found my camera pushed in amongst my clothes. The reason I know Kaelyn put it in there (although Brad doesn't believe me) is because it was without it's case and cords. A mom would never put an uncovered camera in a suitcase to be thrown around and smashed by baggage handlers! Brad thinks I use Kaelyn as my scape goat (ok, maybe sometimes), but this time...I know it was the little rascal! Plus, I caught her in the act of riffling through my bag last week...unpacking and that proves it, right?

We will be in Germany through most of June, returning to Houston on the 25th. Several have asked about numbers and addresses. I believe the best way to send mail would be through the clinic. Their address is:
Brad Wims
c/o Dr. Arno Thaller
Benzing 6
91801 Markt Berolzheim

Jane mentioned to me that she had researched postal prices and found:
Postage on a normal size greeting card is 94 cents...if it's over
1 oz and less than 2 ozs, then it would be $1.75...this is air
mail...3-5 business days.

I believe the phone at the clinic is also the best way to contact us. We will be there for treatment M-F from about 8-3pm. Because Germany is 7 hours ahead, between the hours of 6-8am (Central/Standard) might be the best time to try a phone call. The number at the clinic is 011-49-9146/311.

We appreciate your prayers during this time of travel. We feel confident in the work being done by Dr. Thaller and we are excited to see God work through him. We can't wait to return home to see each of you soon. Thank you for your unwavering support & love. We love you all.


Osborns said...

We are praying for a wonderful flight, a feeling of total and complete peace when you get there, and most of all a total healing for Brad.

The Osborns from Anoka MN

erin said...

Jenny and Brad, we're reading your blog and praying for you. While you're gone we'll be moving into, somewhat, your neck of the woods (Liberty). Looking forward to updates. God bless you.

Josh and Erin Jones and family

Tiffany Partin said...

I found your blog through Facebook. I went to high school with Brad. I was Tiffany Merritt back then. I want you to know that my husband, Dan, and I will be praying for you and your family.

As an encouragement, I wanted to tell you that my sister was healed from a brain tumor when she was 4 years old. We know that God is still in the healing business. I look forward to reading about Brad's healing very soon.


Shawna said...

Brad and Jenny-

I will be praying for you during all this. I have seen how God can heal people and I have faith that God will heal Brad completely. Please know that myself along with so many people here in Kentucky will continue to hold the Wims family name before the Lord.

Shawna (Gray) Roberts

Brenda said...

You are in our prayers (and our whole Bible study group's prayers too)!

We'll be looking for updates whenever you can give them! Have a great flight!

amber dayton said...

We are all praying expectantly - we know that God is going to get all the glory for Brad's total healing! And... we'll definately remember your parents - a 14 hour flight with 2 kids should earn them a medal (or a trip to the spa)!

NatCh said...


pcb said...

Know that your blog has reached people you will never meet but who are praying for you all just the same.
Pendy in Georgia

Anonymous said...

Praying for all of you. Jerry and Ann Jay

debralynne said...

We'll be praying for a safe trip and a successful treatment session. Take care of each other.

Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

God is already there waiting for you... safe travels and blessed healings we pray that you find in Germany. Keep us updated.

Kelli said...

i got your blog address from a friend of a friend and thought i would reach out to you. i live in berlin (my husband is a diplomat), which is about 4 hours northeast of where you are staying. if there is anything we can do for you from up here, or if you have any questions about germany or anything else, just let me know! your family will definitely be in our thoughts and prayers.