Saturday, May 10, 2008

Trip to Sea World

Brad & I went to Kerrville on Wednesday to pick up the kids. We had decided, since we were already so close, to stop by Sea World on the way home on Thursday. We stayed for about 4 hours, walking all over the park, seeing our favorite shows, and feeding our favorite animals. Zeke loved it. Over the last several months, Zeke has been talking about going to the park to find a Shamu animal to "take home." It was a lot of fun to watch Zeke taking everything in. He was so cute.

Zeke & I got to go in to a large bird house to feed them nectar. It terrified Zeke at first but after the keeper batted off the first 20 that landed on Zeke, leaving him with one, he really warmed up to it. I thought it was REALLY neat until one of the birds vomitted all over my shorts....gross little things. They were really pretty...even though I'm not a really big bird fan.

Zeke with his new friend.

Zeke & Daddy went into the gift shop and left with the biggest Shamu they could find. Zeke said it was the "hugemungest" they had...he was quite excited to take him home. Since then Zeke has been practicing his trainer moves with Shamu: standing on his back, jumping off his head and laying across his side to help him "wave his wing."

A quiet ride home after Sea World.


Kimberly said...

Hey there! My name is Kimberly! I stumbled across your blog last night and was very touched by your story. My dear friend Alison is has cancer as well. She is 26,a military wife, married to a wonderful husband and is fighting for her life. I am attaching blog links to her story and was wondering if you could include her and her husband in your prayers I will be praying for your husband and your family. You are are truly blessed.
Take care and God bless!




TOM (husband)-

Sarah said...

It looks like you guys had a great time. I'm too behind in my posts...our Sea World trip was nearly a month ago.

Just wanted to let you know that we've been thinking a lot about you guys today--we were at church in Granbury for the first time in a while. Before the shepherd's prayer, the elder stated "we know that when two or more agree and are gathered and ask, it will be granted." Then he talked about a prayer meeting that they are having on Tuesday morning for Brad's healing. I didn't know if you guys were even aware of it, but it was wonderful to know that people are praying so faithfully. I know that God is hearing our prayers! We love you guys and pray continually for all 6 of you! I hope that you had a WONDERFUL mother's day!