Saturday, May 10, 2008

Back to See Dr. Brinker

This past Tuesday Brad & I went in to follow up with Dr. Brinker (who repaired Brad's broken leg). The first words out of Brad's mouth that morning were, "Yippee...I get my staples out today!" Then the entire way to Brinker's office Brad sang (to the tune of "The Farmer in the Dell") "My staples come out today, my staples come out today, oh boy, I cannot staples come out today!" I think he was ready to have them out...of course, I can't blame him...they had been in for 3 weeks by then & his skin was actually starting to grow over the staples. Yuck!

Dr. Brinker ran x-rays and said that Brad's leg was healing very well. We looked at the x-rays with him and man, there is a lot of metal in that!

The third picture is of the tech taking out Brad's staples. It is the same man who casted Brad's leg about 6 weeks ago. He is also a big Rockets fan so he & Brad talked sports again for the entire length of the visit....which players they like...which they didn't...who the Rockets should trade, etc.

The doctor's appointment was followed by a visit to see Brad's physical therapist, Jennifer Gordan. I got to watch as Jennifer tried to torture Brad a bit. I must admit, I think Brad has been doing VERY well with his therapy...I has seen quite a big improvement in his motion since he started back to therapy a few weeks ago. He's doing great!

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tamandscott said...

WOW--that really is a lot of metal! I'm glad to hear the leg is healing well. I hope during your conversations with the tech that removed the staples you discussed the absolute necessity that the Rockets trade Tracy McGrady to the mavs for Josh Howard. Great trade for both sides!