Sunday, May 11, 2008

She's Walking!

Well, little K has decided to walk. Friday marked the first day that I actually saw her attempt to walk more than crawl. While I would say she is far from mastery, she is taking quite a few steps at a time...usually 5-10. Most of the time she looks like she is either heavily sedated or completely drunk in her steps...she swaggers and falls all over the is hysterical to watch. She actually crosses her legs over each's crazy looking. I hope this first gross motor skill advancement is not shedding light on a severe lack of coordination. Let's put it this way....Kaelyn walks about as well as Nonnie throws (yikes!) Just kidding Nonnie!

Today Kaelyn turned 15-months-old. Here are some of Kaelyn's milestone/favorites:
1. She has 2 teeth & no signs of any others at the moment, but the lack of teeth doesn't seem to slow her down with eating...she can gum just about anything at this point.
2. She has had 5 haircuts.
3. She knows about 6 words: Da-Da, Bubba, Buck-key, pretty, & bye-bye.
4. She LOVES her brother...she laughs at him ALL the time
5. She really enjoys day a few weeks ago we left the door open to the truck and she scaled the side..about 4 feet up and climbed into her car seat & started to buckle herself in.
6. She LOVES books. She will actually sit in her room on the floor with the bucket of books for 20 minutes, turning the pages and looking at them by herself.
7. She likes to go outside. If the screen door is not latched, she will push it open and let herself outside.
8. Her favorite activity is riding on the scooter with her Daddy...they spend lots of time riding around the house, yard or neighborhood. Kaelyn has been known to try to push her brother off the scooter to try to encourage "alone time" with Daddy.


SheridanLeftwich said...

What a precious little girl....
..I just love her little outfit!...

Boy do I miss all of those baby girl things. Enjoy it now because they grow up too fast and then they don't want to wear all the adorable things.

I just love seeing your sweet little family and all your fun!

amber dayton said...

She's such a cutie! I can see so much of Zeke in her smile. I can't believe she's 15 months already!

Justin & Suzanne said...

Kaelyn is so adorable, and I love her BIG bow!! You have such a precious family.

Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

Oh my... she is so cute and looking more like you every day. I love the blog and I hope that the teeth come soon.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful little girl! And Zeke is a doll, too! What blessings! Ann Jay - Granbury