Monday, February 9, 2009

Zeke's Dental Visit

Zeke went to the dentist this afternoon for a cleaning and check-up. He did such a great job with the entire process. His favorite part was when he got to be in charge of the remote while the dental hygenist worked on his's always impressive if you can watch cartoons while your teeth are being flossed.

Zeke was so cute this afternoon. We were cleaning up the kitchen and left on the counter was a partially empty drink that a friend had left from the day before. Zeke asked me, "what are we going to do with this bottle Momma?" I said, "well, hand it to me and I'll dump it and throw the plastic in the recycling." As he walks over to the sink with the bottle, "No Momma, I'll do already have enough work to do." He is just such a sweetie!

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