Sunday, February 8, 2009

February Birthday Celebration Weekend

On Saturday, the family gathered to have a multi-birthday celebration for Papa Bill (who happened to turn the big 6-0), Kaelyn & Dan (who share the same birth date on the 11th) and Aunt Barbara. Jane organized a huge fajita feast and we sang 4 times in a row & served 4 different birthday desserts! WOW!

For entertainment, Uncle Matt decided to order one of the big blow up obstacle courses from one of the local bounce rental places. It was a HUGE hit with the kids. It arrived mid-afternoon on Saturday and is staying until tomorrow sometime. The kids have played on it NON-STOP. Thanks Uncle Matt for such a fun gift. And thank you to all the family who came to join us...we had a great time!


Nellie said...

What a wonderful gathering of family! We are praying every day, and love you all bunches.

Kate said...

So glad for great family time! May you continue to have a blessed week. We are praying!