Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Time Out"side

Kaelyn has been spending a lot of time in T.O. recently so those words stood out to me in the heading. The joys of 2. Right now Kaelyn is struggling with 1st time obedience and frequently tests the boundary of having to ask an adult before she exits the house. There have been multiple times that we find her outside in the sandbox or playing on the porch by herself. She usually goes to T.O. at least 2-3 times a day for this infraction. Fun times.

Brad had a better day today and was able to spend a little time outdoors enjoying the "picture-perfect" weather. Thank you God for a beautiful was unbelievable!

Kaelyn was excited to receive a valentine in the mail from Maelyn & Anna Dayton. Thanks girls!

This is Kaelyn's new pose...she is quite proud of it. It seconds as a greeting for new company...the first greeting is getting down onto the ground and rolling around for a few minutes. Then it moves to the stand on your head and put your hynee in the air pose. Guests are always VERY impressed with these moves.

This is the same look from a different angle. Kaelyn thinks she is being HILARIOUS when she does this move. Personally, I wouldn't be caught dead being photographed from this angle, but you can get away with a lot when you are 2.

Chalk artwork of our family. Artist: Zeke Wims. In order from left to right: Kaelyn, Zeke, Daddy ("because he is the tallest) and then Mommy. If you will notice he pointed with arrows who was who. I am marked with an arrow leading off an "M" for Mommy. I had to take a photo of this..I love family portraits!

This is the "sleeping Koala bear" pose.


tamandscott said...

The other day while small group was at our house, the door bell rang. When we answered it, it was Brayden. !! I have no idea how he got out or when he got out or really even what he was doing while being out. Ugh.

Nellie said...

I love seeing all of these pictures and hearing about the children. They make life so special! Praying for more and more beautiful days for all of you.

amber dayton said...

They crack me up! I love Kaelyn's poses & Zeke's accessories. His wife will appreciate his love for jewelry someday (as long as he enjoys giving as well as wearing). Sorry that we've been playing phone tag, but glad that the kids got the valentine. I'll show the girls the pic of K holding it - they will be thrilled. Love you guys & will keep praying for more great days.

Angie Campbell said...

These are precious! Happy Valentine's Day to you all! I love the cookies that you made and they look so yummy! We are looking forward to seeing you on Monday, and we pray all the time!