Thursday, February 5, 2009

Video Frustration

Does anyone use youtube to post videos for their blog? I have downloaded several videos to post and I cannot get the embed text to copy so that I can paste it to my blog post. Every time I copy it and bring it over to only pastes a few words...not the complete text. I've done it tons before and I have no idea why it won't work now. Any suggestions...anyone?


Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

I use YOUTUBE all the time... for it to embed you have to make sure you are in the HTML tab when creating your post... when creating your post at the top of the dialog box there are two tabs and the default is the other tab (not sure of the name right now) and the other one is HTML... click on the HTML tab and insert the video code and then switch back to the other tab to write and insert pics, etc... I hope this helps... I watch your blog everyday and just want you to know you are always in our families thoughts and prayers.

acey said...

the last comment has a very good point, make sure you are on the 'edit html' tag and not the 'compose' tag at the top. also make sure the < > marks are both in place...sometimes those don't get copied over.

good luck!

Jenny Wims said...

Thanks for the hints girls...I think that is what I did wrong.