Thursday, February 5, 2009

Good News

Well, we found one reason why Brad was having difficulty using his nasal cannula. I decided yesterday to see if I could raise the number of liters he was taken in...our hospise nurse, Tammie suggested that we move it up to a 5 to see if it helped. When I went to the knob to make the adjustment, I saw that it was set on a 2...a number that Brad has never been comfortable with (it is usually set at a 3 or 4). That DEFINATELY played a part in the reason why he has not been able to switch from the mask (which is set anywhere from a 8-10). I have no idea why the knob had been adjusted...most likely my curious child, Kaelyn made the radical adjustment. Brad's air machine is right next to my jewelry box...a hot spot for Kaelyn's interest. I'm pretty sure that she decided to give the dial a nice turn. Thank you Kaelyn :)

So, Brad has been trying to move to the nasal cannula more and has been able to with some success. In the very least it has given him a break during meals so that he doesn't have to lift his mask for every bite.

Gena is in town to help with the kids and to spend time with Brad. It has been so nice to have her help...Brad loves it when she comes. Tomorrow we will be joined by most of the other family. We are celebrating Kaelyn's birthday on Saturday so we will have lots of company by tomorrow night...that should be fun. I know that Zeke is excited...he always LOVES having EVERYONE here...just like his Daddy.


Anonymous said...

This is great news. Please know that you are always in our thoughts. Nancy Williams, Charlotte

Matt, Kara, and Hank (plus Teej) said...

So great that he can use the mask less. I know that has been a goal and desire. You guys are in our thoughts and prayers throughout every day.


Nellie said...

It's so good for you to have found an explanation for Brad's difficulty. I'll be praying that with the adjustment to the level, he will be more and more successful with the switch.

Hope you get the video glitch worked out, because we sure do enjoy seeing them. :)