Saturday, July 3, 2010

Zeke's Half-Birthday

The Saturday following Camp Breakaway ended up being the best time to host Zeke's half-birthday party. The weather turned out to be unbelievably hot, so it was perfect for a swim party. Zeke was so excited this year to have an opportunity to invite friends from his class at school. The night before his party he said a special prayer, telling God that he really hoped his teacher, Ms. Petty would attend. I thought it said so much about his attachment to her that he would want her to come so much. It was so sweet.

Birthdays & parties are always bitter sweet because they remind me so much of Brad. His love for celebration and birthdays were unmatched by anthing I have ever seen. He was always just as excited as Zeke during those was always fun to see.

Thanks to everyone who came and to those who helped! We love you and appreciate you!

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