Friday, July 9, 2010

Handy Mommy

On Tuesday evening I decided to tackle a freezer toleration that had been bugging me for a month. The ice maker had jammed and wasn't dispensing ice any longer (and somehow the water dispenser wasn't working either). So, I spent literally 2 hours working on this project. I removed all the ice and then proceeded to use a hairdryer to try to melt the built up ice that had frozen the "easily-removable" (HA!)ice bucket to the door. I thought I would never get that thing off but I continued despite my mounting frustration. Once the bucket (finally) defrosted enough to release from the door...I then spent another 30 minutes getting all the frozen ice out of the crushing mechanism inside the bucket.

I am proud to say that after those 2 hours I did FINALLY have a working ice AND water dispenser! YeAh for ME!!!! Zeke walked into the kitchen as I was completing the project, looked up at me, and said, "Wow fixed the freezer...I think you are handier than Papa!" While I appreciated the compliment, I quickly told him, "no, no...that certainly isn't true and even if you ever think that...let's keep that idea to yourself....we don't want to look overly self-sufficient around here...Papa might stop coming over to help us!" :)

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Anonymous said...

I know that's right. I love to figure things out myself, but I never want certain people to think that I can solve all of the issues around here!!

Allison Fuller