Monday, July 19, 2010

Mmmmm....I LOVE peaches!

My sweet neighbor Alicia gave me some FABULOUS peaches last week so I decided to try something that I have never done before....I attempted to make my very 1st pie. I was so proud of it I had to take a picture of it...of course. And, I can say it was actually pretty good...yeah!

I took these...

And made one of this...YUM!

And, at the end of last week I was pleasantly surprised to find that my peach tree (which has never fruited before) had created some very yummy peaches for me! YEAH! They are a bit small but quite tasty. I am going to have to read up on peach tree care and maintainence so that I can do a better job with next year's crop. SO EXCITED that it is bearing fruit...YIPPEE!

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A Tale of Two Cities said...

Homemade peach pie with a lattice top--you're my hero! Bet it disappeared in a flash!